A portable electric food warmer is ideal for anyone that’s on the go and needs to take their hot dish of food with them. Of course you want to keep your dish warm until it’s time to be eaten, and usually that’s only possible if you’ve cooked everything in a crock-pot.

However, times have changed a bit. Now, crock-pot or no crock-pot, you can have the luxury of keeping your food nice and warm and tasty with a portable electrick food warmer. You’ll be thankful you did, and everyone that’s going to be eating with you will thank you.

So, what are some ideal situations that may call for a portable food warmer?

Here are a few…

Church Gatherings

Whether it’s a pot-luck dinner or a church-wide picnic, keeping your food warm will be essential. I know from experience that there is a lot of time in between from when the food shows up till everyone actually starts eating. Sometimes it’s up to a half hour or more!

Keeping your food at an eatable temperature is important for everyone attending. You don’t want to be serving cold food to the entire church congregation, especially the pastor.

Family Reunions

There’s always one or two family members you absolutely resent and can’t stand to be near. However, that’s no reason to offer cold food at your reunion. It’ll make everyone annoyed, and the outing won’t be fun for anyone. You don’t want to have to deal with angry family members for an entire afternoon. Trust me!


No matter if it’s a family outing or just having a good time with friends, keeping your food warm, if you have any food that’s meant to be kept warm, is important. Now, a small friendly picnic most likely won’t call for an elaborate dish, but if it’s a picnic among a couple families or more, then there’s a good chance that you or someone else may whip up something a little more fancy.

No matter the occasion, remember that a portable elecetric food warmer is an essential part of any household that’s occasionally on the go. You’ll be thankful you bought one, and so will everyone else that’s forced willing to eat your food.

Your portable food warmer could well be one of the most loved pieces of equipment that you have ever owned and used. If you are the adventurous person, a family person, or in the food catering business, you probably can relate to how much you depend on one to keep your food warm.

Why use a Portable Food Warmer?

Well you don’t have to be a health fanatic to know that we should always eat our food hot. Leaving aside cooked food for some time and eating it cold will increase the likelihood of food poisoning for some food because certain bacteria thrives on food at a temperature of between 41°F and 140°F.  A portable food warmer can keep your food safe and warm to avoid such unfortunate incidents for you and your family.

Who uses a Portable Food Warmer?

The Family Person:  Who says that the food warmer is only used for outdoors? For most people, due to our own busy schedule like work or other personal commitments, we don’t often have big family reunion gatherings. But when we do so on such joyous occasions like birthdays, Christmas or other traditional family celebrations, eating is usually the main event. If you host such parties, you would want to have a few portable food warmers to make sure the food stays warm throughout the function, because they can last a few hours. Just purchase a few food-warming trays like those served in restaurants will do the job fine.

The New Mother: If you have a newborn or a toddler, keeping the baby’s milk and food warm at the right temperature is very important. There is a wide selection of bottle and food warmers that is available in most online stores that you can purchase from. You can rest assured that when you are in the wintry cold outdoors this portable food warmer will be something you can be thankful for. What else can help to ensure the milk or food stay at the perfect preset temperature and ready anytime he or she needs a feed?

The Food Caterer: If you are in the food catering business, you would know that your business depends on such equipment to ensure the food stays warm for your customers. If your restaurant is popular, serving your customers with hot food is a normal expectation from diners and you could count on any portable food warmer to do a good job to make them happy.